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Saints open to trading Alvin Kamara

I'm told the Saints are open to trading RB Alvin Kamara, per source. — IG: JosinaAnderson (@JosinaAnderson) September 1, 2020

The Saints have been working on a contract extension with Alvin Kamara all offseason and it clearly isn’t working out too well. Why else would the Saints be willing to trade away a 3X Pro Bowl and Rookie of the Year running back. Kamara is on the last year of his rookie contract and is due a pretty substantial pay raise. Alvin Kamara and his agent didn’t even ask for a trade, they both thought they were actively working on a new deal.

Spoke to #Saints RB Alvin Kamara and his agent and neither has asked for or demanded a trade. As of today, they thought they were actively negotiating and making progress on an extension. Kamara has never threatened to hold out and has been in the building every day. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) September 1, 2020

If only the Saints had more money to spend on a running back. I mean, they could have had more money for a running back that will help an aging Drew Brees win games, but they paid Taysom Hill $16 million instead. Potentially trading away Alvin Kamara is all in the Saints master plan to play Taysom Hill at every possible position before he actually plays quarterback.

Drew Brees isn’t getting any younger, if the Saints want to win another Super Bowl with Drew Breezy in the big easy than it has to be this year, maybe next year, maybe. The Championship window for the Saints is small and shrinking, Brees has 1 to 3 years left to play MAX. Pretty much every aging quarterback needs a running game to help them win games. Look at Peyton Manning in Denver, or John Elway in Denver, okay maybe only aging Broncos quarterbacks need running games to win. Those guys did win three Super Bowls between the two of them in the twilight of their careers though, and Drew Brees is definitely in the twilight of his career. Getting Drew Brees support in the running game would be a smart move for the Saints. Saints could just not trade Kamara and Brees would have that running game for support. Seems too easy though.

Now what teams could use a running back like Alvin Kamara? I’d dare to say all of them, the first one to come to mind is the Saints. Do they really think that Latavius Murray and Ty Montgomery II can equal the production of Kamara? I’d rather just pay Kamara the likely $14 million a year contract than gamble on the other two running backs in the room.

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