Sell the Team; Washington Redskins edition.

Six months ago Jordan Reed got rocked on a hit, his helmet popped off and he was entered into concussion protocol. It was also a preseason game. Today Jordan Reed, tight end for the Washington Redskins is still in concussion protocol.

Reed is no stranger when it comes to concussions, which is very scary considering the current situation he faces. In his career he has 7 instances of concussions. This most recent one being his worst. With each concussion his recovery time has gotten higher. It’s become such a difficult recovery process for Reed that he did not log a single snap in the 2019 season due to being in the concussion protocol. The Athletic have reported that the Redskins are likely to cut Reed in order to save 8.5 million dollars in cap space.

Reed was arguably one of the most talented tight ends the Redskins organization has drafted. He very well could be one of the most talented players in their building. Take that statement with a grain of salt but considering the Redskins logged a record of 3-13 in the 2019 season it might not be a long shot. If the Redskins do decide to cut Jordan Reed they will be without a definitive starting tight end heading into the 2020 season as Vernon Davis retired on Super Bowl Sunday. Vernon Davis has also cited concussions as the reason for his retirement.

In my eyes there is absolutely nothing wrong with stepping away from football, or any sport for that matter, due to health reasons. Football is a brutal bloody sport that takes a toll on the human body and being able to enjoy a healthy pain free life after playing should be a priority for a lot of these athletes. As much as Jordan Reed must love the game of football you almost hope to hear a retirement announcement from him soon, for his own health. Head trauma is no laughing matter. It’s why I haven’t attempted a joke at all yet, and concussions happen all over the NFL on every single team. It’s unfortunate but there is nothing the Redskins can really do to outright prevent this.

So if the Redskins can’t prevent the concussions that are causing them to lose their best tight ends why sell the team? Glad you ask. Lots of reasons. The handling of injuries being the biggest reason, at least in my eyes. My guess is the biggest reason fans would want Dan Snyder to sell the team is because he has ran the organization into the ground since he purchased in 1999. During his time as owner the team has a record of 149-189-1. To put it in perspective the Redskins would have to go undefeated in the regular season for the next two and a half years just to break even. Realistically, once again take it with a grain of salt, the Redskins could go 9-7 for the next 20 years and have a .500 winning percentage in the regular season. Now asking for one win above .500 in a season isn’t really asking a lot. Especially from a fan base that hasn’t won a Super Bowl is 1992. Take it from a guy that is a part of a fan base that wanted their legend of a GM fired because he screwed up a few drafts and picked a turnstile of a left tackle with glue on his hands to be the guy to stabilize the left side of the line, asking for 9 wins a year ain’t much. In terms of the Washington Redskins it sure as hell might be.

The fans are probably saying sell the team due to the pure lack of shits given when it comes to winning football games. The reason I say sell the team is because the medical staff and Dan Snyder mishandled one of their own players, 7 time Pro-Bowler Trent Williams, having a tumor in his head. The tumor was diagnosed as Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFPS) a rare form of cancer. Williams is healthy now, which is good, but he did not log a single snap in 2019 due to a contract holdout for the first 8 weeks. When Williams finally did report he failed his physical due to discomfort when putting on a helmet. No shit it probably hurt to put on a Redskins helmet. A helmet of a team that saw one of their best players had a tumor on his skull and said “aw man that’s nothing. Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis are playing with concussions you’ll be fine,” maybe. My guess is that Williams can easily put a helmet on, at least I hope he can, but if my guess is correct then he just told the Redskins to fuck off by putting that helmet in and saying it’s painful. The fact that the organization told Williams that the growth on his head was minor SIX YEARS AGO is appalling. Williams said he harbors no ill-will towards Dan Snyder. Which good for him. If I was Williams I’d be leading the charge in the “Sell the Team” chants. Since he won’t do it I will. Sell the god damn team.

Horrible winning percentage and extremely controversial team name aside the organization is still a disgrace. Dan Snyder is worth 2.6 billion dollars and he can’t shell out a bit more money to hire a competent training staff? Disgraceful. Williams said he could have died. A player could have died from cancer while under contract for a team that told him it was a minor thing. Sell the team.

Dylan Ryan@DRFrostyTalks

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