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Skip Bayless says Dak Prescott’s battle with depression shows lack of leadership

Skip Bayless has been nothing but a click bait artist for years. He will say just about anything to get some kind of attention. For the longest time I thought the guy had some line. There had to be a line that was too far, even for him. I could not have been more wrong. The man has no soul, no human compassion, zero empathy. Skip seems to care about one thing only, being in the spotlight, and now that spotlight has brought him a shit ton of criticism.

I have battled depression for my entire life, and it is a silent killer. Luckily, I’m still standing, but many don’t make it through. This is a woefully insensitive and horrible take by Skip Bayless. — John Ellis (@OnePantherPlace) September 10, 2020

To say you have no sympathy for someone saying they battled depression after their brother committed suicide is a new low. One I hoped I wouldn’t see from anyone, especially someone on a national platform. Just because Dak Prescott is the quarterback of “America’s Team” doesn’t mean he isn’t human. He experiences all the same emotions we do, him being a highly paid athlete doesn’t change that.

“I have no sympathy for Dak going public with saying ‘I got depressed, I suffered depression early in COVID to the point I couldn’t work out.’ Look he’s the quarterback of America’s Team.” Skip Bayless

How could you not feel sympathetic towards Dak? He lost his mother in college to cancer, then his brother took his own life. That is horrible. I have all the sympathy in the world for Dak. For Skip Bayless to say that he can’t be public about how he feels, that he needs to show strength and leadership because he’s the quarterback for Dallas is ridiculously insensitive. You know what does show strength and leadership? Admitting to yourself, and in this case the public, that you are human and need help sometimes.

Personally Dak going public with this shows strength and leadership. He showed courage and bravery to speak out and now others who might have been too scared to ask for help, or too embarrassed to ask for help will ask for and get the help they need.

Fuck you Skip you insensitive prick.

#DakPrescott #NFL #SkipBayless

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