South Korean soccer team apologizes for putting sex dolls in the stands in place of fans

Sports are starting to return around the world. You can watch NASCAR, golf, Australian Football, and baseball and soccer in South Korea. You can’t watch in person for any of these sports but you can watch on tv and that’s a step in the right direction for sports returning to a normal fashion. One step forward for a turn to normalcy and two weird as fuck and hilarious steps backwards for one South Korean soccer team in this instance.

Unless you were up at like 3am to watch FC Seoul beat Gwangju FC then you might have missed the dolls in the stands. For someone that can’t read Korean I can’t tell that they’re sex dolls. Maybe the masks covering the very obvious blowjob holes makes it a little less obvious. Yet several fans noticed that the dolls had logos and advertisements for porn websites and the dolls manufacturers.

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Only way you notice those are sex dolls are if you’re looking for them or you already know what they look like. One of the fans that pointed this out had to be sitting next to his own model at home and thought to themselves “Damn that doll in the stands looks really familiar.” Some fans noticed that the dolls weren’t the average mannequin after they noticed the enormous breasts that normal mannequins don’t usually have.

Sure you could say those dolls don’t belong on a live sports broadcast since kids watch. But teams need to get creative in terms of making the game more watchable for tv and sex dolls holding team signs is pretty hilarious and watchable tv in 2020. If this story happened just 6 months ago I would have guessed the Onion or some other satirical website had posted it. Nope in 2020 this is a real story and it won’t be the last weird story of teams trying to fake fans in the stands.

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