Steelers vs Titans game postponed after multiple players test positive for COVID-19 — NFL (@NFL) September 30, 2020

The first COVID-19 delayed game in the NFL is here. It seemed like only a matter of time before a game would be postponed when you look at how COVID ran rampant through the MLB for the first couple of weeks. Both the MLB and NFL opted to play as regular of a season as possible and forgo the idea of a bubble all together. You know, the bubble system that the NHL and NBA used and has produced zero positive cases. The NFL and MLB just didn’t want to do that. Now the Steelers and the Titans game has been postponed to either Monday night or Tuesday night due to four players and four personnel testing positive on the Titans.

In reality there was no way the NFL was going to be able to create a bubble. What area has enough practice fields, game fields, workout facilities, etc. etc. etc. to hold 32 teams of 53 players plus coaches and other team personnel inside of a bubble for 17+ weeks? There isn’t a place like that on earth. So stop shaming the NFL for not using a bubble.

Now the Steelers vs Titans game has been officially postponed. Initial thoughts were that the Steelers and Titans would just make up the game in week 7 or week 8 when one of the teams has a bye week. Yet the NFL always one step ahead has given us football fans something to look forward to. The possibility of TUESDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. Two Monday night games are fun, but what could be more fun than 10 hours of NFL football on Sunday, a game Monday night to look forward to, then ANOTHER game to look forward to on Tuesday night? Nothing! Three days in a row with an NFL game on tv. Sign me the fuck up. Then there’s just one day in between the Tuesday night game and Thursday Night Football. The only thing better would have been if no one tested positive and the season went off without a hitch. But if we get three days of NFL football in a row I guess it wouldn’t be all that bad.

Hopefully all the players and personnel who tested positive recover quickly and get healthy soon. I’d hate to actually have to use an IR spot in fantasy football for COVID.

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