Sunday FunDay Bet Update

Statistically it’s just as difficult to get every single bet the exact opposite as it is to get them all right. That’s exactly what I did on Sunday. I bet the Flyers, the Avalanche, and the Canucks to win in the Parlay. Played out exactly opposite. So I’m gonna say the Sunday FunDay Parlay was still a success. Failure is the greatest teacher and I’ve learned some lessons and am ready to use them to win. Now next time I bet I know to write out an entire article about why I want to bet on the Flyers instead of the Islanders, or whatever team, and I’ll just change decision in the last line and say I’m betting Islanders despite everything I just typed. It’s fool proof.

Now what happened in each game for the Parlay to lose? Well the Avalanche played like they were scared to lose rather than ready to win. They had no fight in that game and it should have been another 5-2 rout by the Stars, but the Avs got a bit of a lucky goal from Nichuskin and a late empty net goal and lost 5-4 instead. The Avalanche didn’t play with any fire and they played the most individualistic style of hockey I’ve seen in a long time. They sucked. The coaches couldn’t get the players organized or motivated and it’s looking like the Jared Bednar coaches Avalanche could be eliminated in the second round of the playoffs in back to back years. At least last year they put up a fight against the Sharks, this performance against the Stars is just embarrassing.

The Islanders beat the Flyers with better goaltending and defense. Pretty simple recipe for success. It can be pretty boring but damn it really is effective. I banked on Carter Hart getting the nod in net for the Flyers and was disappointing to see the other guy in for goalie. Didn’t really matter as the Islanders stifling defense limited shots on goal and the Islanders offense was productive enough to get the win. A some what boring game if you’re not an Islanders fan, and a sad one if you’re a Flyers fan. If you’re an Islanders fan though you’re on top of the world. It doesn’t look like a whole lot will be able to stop the Barry Trotz lead Islanders.

It was the one of the coolest things in the world to see Oskar Lindbolm warming up before the game with the Flyers. He was ultimately scratched for game four, but with the Flyers on the brink of elimination I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in the lineup for game five.

This is remarkable. Oskar Lindblom skates with the team ahead of tonight's game. — NBC Sports Philadelphia (@NBCSPhilly) August 30, 2020

The Vegas Golden Knights are a much better team than the Canucks. That’s how they won on Sunday. Knights have more depth than the Canucks, better goaltending, better offensive production, better defense, they’re just a better team. The Canucks are putting up a damn good fight don’t get me wrong, but they’re going to have to draw a ton of penalties to have a chance at winning games against the Golden Knights. The Canucks held a lead going into the third period, but the depth of the Knights were able to help keep the team fresh and competitive, while the Canucks ended up looking a little tired come final period. Knights score three goals in the third period and take a commanding 3-1 series lead.

All three series played on Sunday ended with the team with a series lead extending their lead to three games. I swear to god if there isn’t a single game seven in the first two rounds of the playoffs someone in the NHL front office is getting a strongly worded email detailing my displeasure.

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