Sunday FunDay Parlay

The NHL could really use a new scheduling guy. Three games on during a Sunday is awesome, but no day games for the degenerate gambler/day drinker is a bummer. I got too used to rolling out of bed just before noon on the weekends during the play in round and first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs to watch summer afternoon hockey. There was no time to overthink a bet I wanted to place and the breakfast beer with hockey just hit better. The 10am games were a little early sure, but waiting until 4pm my time to watch a game on the weekend SUCKS. The first game of the day is at 4pm and its the Avalanche vs Stars, Dallas leads the series 2-1, second game of the day starts at 6pm with the Islanders taking on the Flyers, New York leads that series 2-1, final game of the day starts at 8:30pm, that game is the Knights vs the Canucks, Vegas leads the series 2-1. The scheduling guy has to push these games back at least 2 hours. Having a playoff game start after 10pm on the East Coast on a Sunday makes no sense to me. So many people are going to miss that game just because they have to go to bed before work on Monday morning. Well even if you go to bed before the end of the game you can still bet on the outcome and thats what matters here. The Sunday FunDay Parlay banks on getting the three NHL games right today and its Avalanche Money Line (-134) Flyers Money Line (+105) and Canucks Money Line (+175), the parlay is +887.

Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche

Dallas leads the series 2-1 and have played a great game during this series. The Stars scoring has come from all over the ice as they haven’t had to depend entirely on the top line. The exact opposite can be said for the Avalanche. Nathan Mackinnon has been a part of almost every goal the Avalanche have scored versus the Stars. The Avalanche won game three after they finally got contribution from some second and third line scoring. With a couple of days of extra rest look for the injury prone Avalanche to continue their winning ways. The depth and talent of the Avalanche outclasses the Stars, but talent doesn’t mean shit when it doesn’t play hard, and if the Avalanche depth plays hard like they did in game three the Avalanche will be able to win and tie this series.

The other bet I put on this game was for Nathan Mackinnon to score a goal and the Avalanche to win (+550). The odds were super boosted on the gambling app I use so I almost had to. Nate Dogg has been an absolute scoring wagon leading the Stanley Cup Playoffs in points by four. He’s in second place in terms of goals scored and he leads the playoffs in assists. Nathan Mackinnon is the best player left in the Playoffs, betting on this level of talent is just smart betting.

Nathan Mackinnon is really good at hockey #GoAvsGo — Frosty Talks (@Frosty_Talks) August 23, 2020

Philadelphia Flyers vs New York Islanders

This is a very intriguing series to bet on. The Islanders play such a defensive boring style of hockey, but my god are they good at it. Doesn’t matter if it’s boring if you win. That defensive play from the Islanders does let some of their players like Mathew Barzal to play an extremely fast uptempo game when they are on the ice which is pretty fun. If you haven’t seen much of the Islanders game watch him play, he’s the fastest man in the NHL and he skates like it. The Flyers and Islanders both feel like teams of destiny this year, Barry Trotz head coach of the Islanders got his revenge on the Capitals for not rehiring him, and the Flyers have a young stud goaltender in Carter Hart, and Oskar Lindbolm might come back in time to give the Flyers a huge moral and talent boost. The Flyers chippy “why not us” attitude will come out big today and they will get the win. Carter Hart didn’t look as good as he could have and the defense did not help him out last game, Flyers will lock down the defense and give Hart the support he needs on the back end to win the game. Hart also seems to play better after a loss. After Hart’s worst playoff game vs the Canucks where he posted a .846% save percentage he came back and posted back to back shutouts. Last game he posted a .897% save percentage, so I’m guessing Hart plays with some fire and gets a win.

Vancouver Canucks vs Las Vegas Golden Knights

Peter DeBoar, the Knights head coach, reminds me of Bill Belichick in the fact that only he knows the lineup and who’s playing what role. Every game the Knights have had a bit of controversy on who will be starting in net, and not once has there been an early statement on who will start in net from DeBoar. Robin Lehner has been solid in net for the Knights getting a shut out in game three, which was yesterday. The back to back for a goalie can be brutal, it might not be that bad for the 29 year old Lehner, but the lack of rest is still concerning. Regardless of who is in net for the Knights I’m taking the Canucks to even the series. Am I betting on every series to be evened up today? You bet your sweet ass I am. Lehner could be in net and I’d be concerned about his lack of rest, Marc Andre Fleury could be in net and I’d be terrified of his lack of playoff action in 2020.

If Fleury starts tonight it will be his first game action in 14 days. It will also be only his second game in the last 23 days, and his third game in the last 174 days. #VegasBorn — Jesse Granger (@JesseGranger_) August 30, 2020

I’m not looking at that “third game in the last 174 days” BS stat. Literally every single hockey player in the NHL had a big gap in playing time due to the season pause. The first game action in two weeks is a little scary though. Fleury is a beast in net, but even he needs a bit of a warm up, or at least a rhythm of game action to keep him hot and ready. The Canucks are going to have to score early to win so that the Knights are forced to play catch up and keep their better non scoring defensemen on the bench and off the ice. If the Knights get any kind of lead and can rely on their defensive defensemen like Ryan Reaves than the Canucks will be screwed. I do like the Canucks winning on the back to back game days just because they are younger and could recover from yesterday’s game a little bit faster and easier.

The Sunday FunDay Parlay is just a fun way to spend the day, so kick back, drink a beer, smoke a bowl, do whatever you want to enjoy some hockey and win some money gambling on it too.

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