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The Broncos won’t start Blake Bortles vs the Jets

The Broncos haven’t decided who will be starting at quarterback versus the Jets on Thursday night football. They signed Blake Bortles ⛵️ last week and rather than start the most experienced quarterback in the locker room the Broncos will be choosing between Brett Rypien (who?) and Jeff Driskel.

Blake [Bortles ⛵️] was here two days last week and to expect him to be able to play this week on a short week when practice is limited would be unrealistic. Vic Fangio

I understand starting the quarterback who knows the playbook the best gives you the best chance of winning but the two guys who know the Broncos playbook STINK. Jeff Driskel holds on to the ball so long that he has gotten sacked once every six passing plays. Not that Brett Rypien is much better, he’s getting sacked once every ten passing plays. Compare that to Drew Lock who got sacked once every 30 something passing plays. Not that it matters how little Drew Lock was getting sacked cause he’s out for at least another 3-4 weeks.

The Broncos can realistically say not one healthy quarterback in the locker room is a franchise quarterback for Denver. So it really doesn’t matter who starts. The only player Broncos fans want to see start is Drew Lock anyways. So why put Driskel on the field when he played so bad that he was benched, and Rypien played so poorly that if there was another quarterback available to play he probably would have been benched too. Now another quarterback is available in Bortles and he won’t even be given a chance to play!? What is the point of signing a veteran quarterback when the starter gets hurt if you’re going to continue to play the backup quarterback or the practice squad quarterback? The Jets are the worst team in the league, Bortles can easily prepare for that team and learn enough of the Broncos playbook to start agains them, even on a short week. Bortles has the most experience starting so why not start him when the other two options SUCK.

This shows just how miserable this Broncos season has been through three weeks. I’m complaining about how the Broncos won’t start Blake Bortles at quarterback. With how poorly the offensive line has been playing and how bad the offensive play calling has been I don’t think it matters who plays quarterback for the Broncos. Honestly, fans don’t care who plays anyways, until it’s Drew Lock under center it doesn’t matter. Plus with the amount of injuries the Broncos have suffered this season might as well be over before it really even started.

The #Broncos have lost Von Miller and Courtland Sutton for the season, and now likely Jurrell Casey — who they traded for. Meanwhile, AJ Bouye, Mark Barron, Dre’Mont Jones and Justin Strnad are all on IR… and Drew Lock is out with an injury. Just brutal luck in Denver. — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) September 28, 2020

That is an unbelievable laundry list of injuries to key players. Hopefully Drew Lock can play sooner rather than later. Without him under center Broncos fans have little to root for this 2020 season.

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