The Jets cut Le’Veon Bell rather than fire Adam Gase

Jets released Le’Veon Bell. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 14, 2020

That went from zero to sixty REAL quick. In under twelve hours the Jets went from thinking about trading Le’Veon Bell to outright cutting him from the team. Sure Bell hasn’t done all that well with the Jets but you do have to remember who’s coaching that team. There is no way Bell is the problem with the Jets. The problem with them goes up a bit higher than the running back position. The problem is obviously the head coach. The fact that Le’Veon Bell was fired before Adam Gase is an absolute shocker.

Gase has ran the New York Jets into the absolute dirt. He chased Jamal Adams out of town with his incompetence while simultaneously destroying Sam Darnold’s confidence. Every single thing Adam Gase touches just turns to dog shit. He road the coat tails of Peyton Manning’s success when he was in Denver and somehow finessed his way into multiple head coaching jobs. If you think Adam Gase had anything to do with those successful offenses you are sorely mistaken. Adam Gase may have called plays, but Peyton Manning would bark adjustments and changes until the damn play call hit zero every single play. Him screaming OMAHA is ingrained in Denver Broncos fans heads forever. Those were Manning’s offenses not Gase’s. It’s no wonder Gase has coached the worse offense in the league the last two years in a row. Le’Veon Bell is not the problem its Adam Gase. Why management would let Gase cut Bell rather than trade him is beyond me. Better yet the management should have just fired Adam Gase before he even had the chance to cut Bell.

Le’Veon Bell will be fine. The dude made $28 million to play 18 games with the Jets. He averaged $7 million a touchdown with the Jets. Seven million a touchdown! Gase turned one of the most productive and electric running backs into a boring snooze fest of a running back. Once Bell goes to another team he’ll be back to his old self again. Or at leas I hope so, Bell was so much fun to watch in his prime. Theres a few teams that could use a running back and there is no way one of them doesn’t take a flyer on Le’Veon Bell. Even if he doesn’t get resigned he robbed the Jets of enough money to last him a few years.

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