The New Worst Franchise of Buffalo; The Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres are in a miserable state. No not the cold tundra that is Buffalo, New York. I’m talking the state of the franchise. The fans are protesting, the team looks awful and it just doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.

The last game the Sabres played was against the Colorado Avalanche. They got shellacked 6-1 in the game and it was an embarrassing display of hockey for Buffalo fans. Sure it was a game that the Avalanche should have and did win but what has really ticked off Sabres fans is the lack of fire from the team. The Sabres were the lesser team in the matchup, no one will deny that and if they do they’re a moron, but that doesn’t mean the Sabres can just rollover and let the better teams do whatever they please. Bad teams can beat good ones on any given night.

In their 6-1 loss the Sabres let the Avalanche do whatever they wanted. Passes were going exactly where they needed, the goalies looked like Swiss cheese, and the Sabres players visibly had no passion on the ice. The lack of fire and passion from the Sabres was most evident when Nazem Kadri called one of the Sabres defensemen “a shitty defensemen on a shitty fucking team.” Absolutely zero push back from the Sabres to hearing this. They continued to let the Avalanche walk all over them and not one player went to Kadri to try and defend their teammate. Absolutely zero passion. The players seem to have given up on the team and the fans are in outrage over the product they have to witness on the ice night after night.

The Sabres currently have slim to no chance of making the playoffs. The team has 53 points in 53 games are are 12 points out of the second wild card spot. That maths equals out to a 1.1% chance to make the playoffs.