The New Worst Franchise of Buffalo; The Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres are in a miserable state. No not the cold tundra that is Buffalo, New York. I’m talking the state of the franchise. The fans are protesting, the team looks awful and it just doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.

The last game the Sabres played was against the Colorado Avalanche. They got shellacked 6-1 in the game and it was an embarrassing display of hockey for Buffalo fans. Sure it was a game that the Avalanche should have and did win but what has really ticked off Sabres fans is the lack of fire from the team. The Sabres were the lesser team in the matchup, no one will deny that and if they do they’re a moron, but that doesn’t mean the Sabres can just rollover and let the better teams do whatever they please. Bad teams can beat good ones on any given night.

In their 6-1 loss the Sabres let the Avalanche do whatever they wanted. Passes were going exactly where they needed, the goalies looked like Swiss cheese, and the Sabres players visibly had no passion on the ice. The lack of fire and passion from the Sabres was most evident when Nazem Kadri called one of the Sabres defensemen “a shitty defensemen on a shitty fucking team.” Absolutely zero push back from the Sabres to hearing this. They continued to let the Avalanche walk all over them and not one player went to Kadri to try and defend their teammate. Absolutely zero passion. The players seem to have given up on the team and the fans are in outrage over the product they have to witness on the ice night after night.

The Sabres currently have slim to no chance of making the playoffs. The team has 53 points in 53 games are are 12 points out of the second wild card spot. That maths equals out to a 1.1% chance to make the playoffs.

No. There is absolutely no way this team makes the playoffs. The team has one big talent on the roster in Jack Eichel despite having the third highest salary cap hit in the NHL. The Sabres will miss the playoffs for the ninth consecutive season.

Nine years the team hasn’t seen playoff action. It’s been nine years since the Buffalo Sabres have played a meaningful hockey game. Coincidentally that is also the same amount of time Terry Pegula has been the owner. The drought currently sits at eight years of no playoff appearances as they do have that 1.1% chance to make it this year, but fans need to be honest with themselves and admit that it won’t happen this year either. If the Sabres miss the playoffs again next year they will tie the NHL record for longest playoff drought of ten years. Que up the sad slide whistle music it’s going to be miserable.

The fans are in outrage. The chants of “Sell the team” haven’t started yet but they could be coming with how bad the team has been. A video was posted of a Sabres fan ditching the team after their loss to the Avalanche by throwing his Sabres jersey over the barrier onto the ice and immediately leaving the arena. That’s a tough look for an organization. Other fans were seen wearing paper bags over their faces. The last time I saw fans doing that was the 0-16 Browns and Lions. At least the 0-16 Browns fans held a parade for their “perfect season” though. They knew they were gonna suck and steered into that curve in hilarious fashion. Buffalo fans not so much cause they had hope this might be the year they get back to the playoffs. Having hope and then having crushed right before your eyes is miserable as a fan. It will make you question why the hell you root for the team in the first place.

Sabres fans are ashamed to be fans, and they are angry with the owners. An ownership that stated the only reason the Sabres will exist in his ownership is to win a Stanley Cup. Talk about a freezing cold take from the Terry Pegula. Not only have they not even come close to a cup, the team can’t even sniff the playoffs.

It just seems like there must always be one miserable franchise in Buffalo. For the longest time it was the Bills. The Bills still haven’t won a playoff game since 1995 but at least they have been the last two years. The Sabres haven’t seen the playoffs in 8 years going on 9 and there seems to be little hope for Sabres fans on the horizon. If the owner won’t sell the team it’s time to sell the farm and trade away some of the over paid players on the team for whatever they can get just to make some room on the salary cap for the upcoming offseason. The team needs more cap space as they have a lot of holes to fill on the team.

Still feel bad for the Sabres goaltender Jonas Johansson who had to face Nathan Mackinnon and Mikko Rantanen on a 2 on 1 for his first ever NHL shot. Mikko sniped the shot past Johansson on the short side. Just a brutal way to enter the biggest stage in hockey. Not his fault, but you do feel for the kid.

Sabres fans, it might be time to get out the torches and pitchforks cause this team stinks and you can blame the owner.

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