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The NFL bans post game jersey swap

I did not see this one coming. The NFL is full steam ahead on the season happening in 2020. The league fully expects to play in the fall with all their players lining up right next to each other, across from each other, tackling each other, the quarterback touching the centers ass, you get the point, but god forbid a jersey swap. You’ll be able to watch Von Miller relentlessly attempt to sack Patrick Mahomes, but you won’t see the two of them exchange jerseys after. The NFL won’t allow post game interaction if it is closer together than six feet either. Obviously this is in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Just make it make sense. You can’t swap jerseys but you can tackle the guy earlier in the game? Linemen are touching each others jerseys all the time. Ever watch football? When corners do press coverage on wideouts they touch each others jerseys too. Oh and the giant dog piles when there is a fumble on the field. A bit of skin to skin, jersey to jersey contact there too. I want sports back, but if the logic of it all doesn’t make sense than it makes me a little pessimistic on the likelihood of an actual return. Can get into the trenches on the offensive and defensive line together but can’t swap a jersey, get out of here with that bull.

My dumbass solution? Plastic bags. Von Miller wants to do a jersey swap after smoking Cam Newton and the Patriots? Fine let them. But if you have to keep that six feet of distance rule for postgame interactions you take the picture far apart with your own jersey. Put it in a bag. Toss it at the other guy. Boom no one touched each other or the jersey. Except the when they were doing it the entire fucking game before hand. The rule makes no sense NFL. I’ll take it all back if the season actually plays though.


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