The Pentagon confirmed the existence of UFO’s and it’s not even the craziest part of 2020

UFO’s are real. Given any other time in history I think this would have been the wildest, most shocking news of the year. Instead all you hear are crickets.

Perhaps you could argue that the reason this isn’t such a big deal is because these videos and images the Pentagon are declassifying are over ten years old. They’ve also been shown on former Blink 182 singer and avid alien hunter Tom DeLonge’s website. You could even argue that it’s not a big deal because most people can agree; Aliens gotta exist in an infinite and ever expanding space, right?

The real reason no one is freaking out and saying “I told you! I told you those were real UFO’s” besides Tom DeLonge is because it’s just not big news in 2020. In January the world had a WWIII scare, February saw the death of superstar Kobe Bryant RIP, then shit hit the fan with Coronavirus. Now almost all the way through April and the world is asking if a psychotic dictator in North Korea is dead or not. UFO videos from 10 years ago being declassified and the Pentagon confirming the existence of “unidentified aerial phenomena” just isn’t cutting it as big news this year. Should have declassified this info last year or when everyone wanted to storm Area 51.

Personally I didn’t take the news seriously, because I already think UFOs and aliens exist so the government publicly stating what myself, and in my opinion, the majority of the world already believes isn’t big news. It’s also pretty easy to think that the Pentagon didn’t actually confirm the existence of UFO’s, even though they totally did, when this is the first image you see when the news broke on April 27th.

I’m thinking it. You’re probably thinking it too. “That’s a god damn Star Wars tie fighter!” If I’ve learned anything from watching that entire series during quarantine it’s that tie fighters don’t last long on their own in open space. Which can only mean one thing. That fighter came from somewhere else. Now whether or not it’s the Death Star or just a Star Destroyer only time will tell. You’ll get a lot more people talking about UFO’s when the videos of those are released.

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