The Philadelphia Eagles have fired HC Doug Pederson — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) January 11, 2021

The too long didn’t read of that is this; the Eagles have fired Doug Pederson. Barely a week after he was accused of purposely losing the last game of the season. Now less than four years after Doug Pederson won the Eagles their only Super Bowl the franchise will be looking for a new coach.

Jeffrey Lurie, Chairman and CEO of the Eagles, is saying that this split is doing what is best for the team. And while Lurie might think that’s true, I’m not buying it.


Read between the lines a little bit here. And not the lines in the statement the Eagles released. No, you’ve got to read between the lines of the last couple weeks of the Eagles season. Because the last few weeks were a disaster for the Eagles and their fans.

The biggest disaster this year was Carson Wentz. Last year Carson Wentz looked pretty damn good, good enough to warrant a four year $128 million dollar contract extension. Then this year happened. Wentz looked like a steaming pile of dog shit all year. Wentz was leading the league in turnovers up until he was benched. He was so bad that Doug Pederson benched him for rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts. When the Eagles still had a chance to win the NFC East too.

And Jalen Hurts balled out as starter. Watching Jalen start hurt so good for the Eagles. Because Eagles fans, and their head former head coach, saw a quarterback that was mobile, played with confidence, and actually protected the football. Essentially he was everything that Carson Wentz wasn’t this year. So Doug Pederson asked himself, “Do I ever want to start Carson Wentz again when I could start this rookie who is even better?”

And the answer was a resounding no. Pederson benched Wentz and that was it. Wentz didn’t start again for the rest of the season. Pederson was so done with starting Wentz that he was a healthy scratch in the last game of the year. It could not have been more clear that Doug Pederson had moved on from Carson Wentz. But you know who hasn’t moved on from Carson Wentz? Jeffrey Lurie.


Jeffrey Lurie can’t move on from Carson Wentz. Not after he just gave him $128 million. So rather than lose $40 million cutting Carson Wentz in the offseason, Jeffrey Lurie did the only other logical thing. At least in his mind. And that was to fire Doug Pederson. Because Pederson was the only one in the Eagles organization who wasn’t on board with Carson Wentz. So, Doug Pederson, the only coach to ever win the Eagles a Super Bowl had to be fired. All because he didn’t want to play Carson Wentz ever again.

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