The Snyder Report: 15 women accuse former Washington employees of sexual harassment and verbal abuse

The Washington Post article finally dropped. A lot of rumors were swirling around about what the article could possibly contain. Most of the rumors painted a much much worse picture of the organization. However, the allegations against the organization are still awful and may lead to a selling of the team. If you have a Washington Post subscription you can read the full article here.

No Snyder wasn’t money laundering or bribing officials, and no, Snyder wasn’t directly involved in the sexual harassment or the verbal abuse of his female employees. Doesn’t mean he isn’t guilty. Dan Snyder is worth billions of dollars and he had a single HR member to oversee the entire staff. He could have hired more people to make sure a toxic and sexist culture didn’t persist, but he didn’t. He would have to be the dumbest person alive, that’s still out for debate, to not notice his employees leaving in tears every day, or that they had to avoid certain areas of the facility cause guys could look up their skirts.

While Applegate and others did not accuse Snyder of acting improperly with women, they blamed him for an understaffed human resources department and what they viewed as a sophomoric culture of verbal abuse among top executives that they believed played a role in how those executives treated their employees Will Hobson and Liz Clark of the Washington Post

Dan Snyder may not have directly sexually harassed and verbally abused his female employees, but he is being blamed for the toxic culture that persists in the organization. The Washington To-Be-Determines have created a pyramid scheme of verbal abuse and Dan Snyder is the top dog. He screams and humiliates his top executives and his top executives go around and do the same to the people below them and so on.

Snyder routinely belittled top executives, according to three former members of his executive staff, perhaps most intensely Greene, the former sales executive, whom Snyder mocked for having been a male cheerleader in college. After one executive staff meeting, according to one former employee, Greene said Snyder had ordered him to do cartwheels for their entertainment. Liz Clark and Will Hobson of the Washington Post

Greene was in charge of selling executive suites for the organization. A job that had to be one of the hardest to accomplish in the organization. Sell the most expensive seats in the building for the worst organization in the NFL, not an easy sell. Regardless of how difficult the job is, or how horrible it was to deal with Dan Snyder it does not excuse his actions. Many female employees admit that while he was inappropriate and demeaning on the job he was doing whatever he could to fill the seats year after year.

Snyder “would humiliate Dennis [Greene] in front of other executives because he was a cheerleader in college … and Dennis took everything. He did everything and anything he had to, to make sure those suites were sold out year after year,” one former saleswoman said. Will Hobson and Liz Clark of the Washington Post

Unfortunately everything and anything he had to do to fill the suites included instructing his female employees to dress in tight revealing clothing to entice the potential clients. He would also offer to set up some women with a plastic surgeon for breast implants. Inexcusable conduct that stems from the top of the top all the way down. The allegations don’t stop with Greene and Snyder either.

Nope, there’s more. The play-by-play announcer Larry Micheal has been accused, Alex Santos the teams director of pro personnel has been accused, Richard Mann II the teams assistant director of personnel has been accused, and Mitch Gershman the teams former CEO has been accused as well. That is five HIGH level individuals being accused of serious misconduct, as well as the owner of the team. The culture in the front office of Washington is so toxic it was described as the worst place any employee has worked.

“It was the most miserable experience of my life,” Applegate, now 31, said of her year working as a marketing coordinator for the club, which she left in 2015. “And we all tolerated it, because we knew if we complained — and they reminded us of this — there were 1,000 people out there who would take our job in a heartbeat.” Liz Clark and Will Hobson of the Washington Post

Dan Snyder and company were able to get away with whatever they pleased because they knew they could. It’s disgusting. I don’t know what will happen of this. It’s all extremely damning, especially if you read through the whole Washington Post article. This is a horrible look for the organization and the the NFL as a whole. The others owners are not responsible for Dan Snyder’s actions, but his actions have made every other owner furious. This kind of story alienates fans not only to the Washington organization but the NFL as a whole. I would not be surprised if the other owners of the NFL franchise forces Snyder to sell.

No this isn’t bribery, this isn’t paying referees, this isn’t money laundering, and oddly enough it isn’t medical malpractice on players. Medical malpractice was my guess. Yet it is still AWFUL news. For Applegate it was the worst experience of her life, so bad that she never wants to work in sports again. Not just the NFL but sports in general. That’s how bad the culture is in Washington.

“I have never been in a more hostile, manipulative, passive-aggressive environment … and I worked in politics,” said Julia Payne, former assistant press secretary in the Clinton Administration who briefly served as vice president of communications for the team in 2003. Will Hobson and Liz Clark of the Washington Post

Working for the Washington R-Words was worse than working the Clinton Administration. Let that sink it. It was easier to work for the president of the United States than it was to work for Dan Snyder. What a fucking statement. With such a toxic environment to work in it is no wonder none of these women went to HR.

“With such a toxic, mood-driven environment and the owner behaving like he does,” Payne said, “How could anyone think these women would go to HR?” Liz Clark and Will Hobson of the Washington Post

It’s clear that the women accusing these top level executives couldn’t go to HR. For one there was only a single HR employee up until 2019, and two, Snyder doesn’t fucking care. He berated the people that helped him make the most money, he will for sure verbally abuse anyone in the organization. No one was (is?) safe in the Washington organization from the tirades of Dan Snyder. Hopefully the women in this case receive the justice that they want and deserve.

Fuck you Dan Snyder. Sell the team

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