Third case of Coronavirus in the NHL. Avalanche player diagnosed and recovered.

Well it was only a matter of time before another NHL player was diagnosed with Coronavirus. It has been almost two weeks since the NHL shut down and I am losing my mind without hockey or sports in general. More and more cases are going to arise from NHL players and professional athletes everywhere. Just shows no one is above getting sick.

Luckily for the Colorado Avalanche the unnamed player has already recovered from the illness. The more stories I hear of people recovering from Coronavirus the more hope I get that sports will be back soon. I know that isn’t the biggest issue right now. Saving lives and flattening the curve is the most important thing right now. However, it would be a hell of a lot easier to convince people to stay at home if sports were on still. No fans in the stadium is better than no sports at all.

Stay at home and social distance. It not only saves lives (big picture and unselfish reason to do this) but it will be the reason sports come back sooner rather than later. Also if you’re sick of hearing about the coronavirus you know what would be the best way to stop hearing about it? To take it seriously so it goes away faster.

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