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Third Colorado Avalanche player tests positive for Coronavirus

The unnamed player is now the eighth player in the NHL to test positive for Coronavirus. As of now five players on the Ottawa Senators have tested positive and three players have tested positive on the Avalanche. No public information has been disclosed on who the players are, but it has been noted that the players have been self isolating at home and have no contact with their teammates.

Players haven’t been around their teammates but that hasn’t stopped Gabriel Landeskog from giving fans updates. According to the Avalanche team captain the first two players on the Avalanche to test positive for Coronavirus have recovered and are once again healthy. Hopefully this third case follows suit and recovers as well.

The NHL season has been suspended for what feels like an eternity. In reality it hasn’t even been a full month yet without hockey. The NHL is in discussions for a potential Stanley Cup playoffs in North Dakota to finish the season. Whatever it takes to get hockey and sports back I’ll do it. Stay healthy, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and stay inside and life will return to normal much faster.

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