Thursday Night Football Bets; Seriously these are the teams for prime time football?

Betting on the over and lots of points is the only way to have fun with this #Dolphins vs #Jaguars #ThursdayNightFootball game — Dylan Ryan (@DylanRyanFT) September 24, 2020

What needs to be said has been said in the video. Since this is a blog I’ll jot down a couple of thoughts about the game as well.



Seriously whoever schedules the Thursday Night Football games needs to be fired. Shoot them from a cannon into space. Jaguars vs Dolphins is not a prime time matchup. At best it’s the third game in the afternoon slot everyone forgets about and at it’s worse it’s a game that would be played in London. You know, the game that no one is even awake for, that’s Jaguars vs Dolphins. So how do you have fun with this game? Bet the over of course! It’s so much fun to root for points instead of teams, especially when these are the teams. Why would you even consider betting the under and rooting against points? It’s zero fun to root against points. So bet the over and root for points. Fitzmagic and Minshew Mania are good for at least 50 points combined tonight. The defenses suck for both teams, it’s going to end up being a high scoring affair. If it’s not at least you were rooting for fun and touchdowns.

I’ve got a couple other bets that I’m looking at tonight as well. My favorite (and most successful) prop bet. Each teams first TD scorer. With DJ Chark out for the Jags for tonight’s game it makes the most sense to bet on the red zone threat Tyler Eifert for first TD. The odds are +1100 so put in $1 and get $12 back. For the Dolphins I had to take the bearded beauty himself Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s got to run the ball in for this bet to hit but Fitzmagic is just that, magic. He’s been more Fitztragic lately, but that usually only last two games before he plays one magical game and goes right back to tragic. This is the magic game. Fitzmagic first TD scorer for Dolphins is +1800 so bet $1 get $19 back. It’s low risk high reward to make the game that much more interesting.

Use my picks or don’t, I don’t care. This is all for fun much like gambling on sports, just remember to gamble responsibly.

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