Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning to play one day tournament golf in May

Sports? Is that you?

The Match Part Two looks to be scheduled for May. No clear date has been set but you can look for this event to happen somewhere between May 15th and 24th. If I’m a betting man, which I am, then I would say it’s more likely to happen later in May rather than sooner.

The match part two, rumored to be called “The Match: Champions for Charity” will also be a charity event for COVID-19 relief. The event will be pitting Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson.

You might remember in the far off past when Mickelson and Woods played a 1v1 match in 2018 at the Shadow Creek Golf course in Las Vegas. The match was the first sporting event to feature live betting odds on a live television broadcast. The details of the event in May are still to be finalized, but I hope gambling is involved somehow. If sports are going to be back in any form you can guarantee people will want to gamble on those sports.

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