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To Keep Your Mind off the Pandemic

With everything that has been going on, (you know, the world pandemic) I have decided to write about a few recent stories that can be portrayed more on the funny side of things, so if you are a person that is tired of seeing “COVID-19 this” and “COVID-19 that”, then you might wanna tune in for this one.

Ohio Police Find Alligator in Resident’s Closet

I wasn’t aware that alligators roamed freely in states such as Ohio, and maybe they don’t. But when Ohio police responded to a reported robbery, I’m sure it is safe to say that the last thing they expected to find was a live alligator lurking in a closet. As far as I understand the alligator was in the home as a pet, as it is legal to own an alligator in Ohio with the proper permits of course. The homeowner did not have the permits required so the 2-year-old animal was confiscated and I assume the owner received a fine of some sort. Maybe the next time you call the police, make sure that there aren’t any exotic pets around for confiscation. Just a thought.

Idaho Police Chase Moose Through City

Rexburg residents claimed that they started to notice police outside their homes on Wednesday morning, and when they looked a little closer they noticed that this wasn’t any ordinary police chase. At this point I think it would be fair to say indeed that there was a moose on the loose, and this time it wasn’t Colorado Avalanche star forward Mikko Rantanen. The Rexburg Police Department and Idaho Fish and Game conservation officers chased the moose through many neighborhoods, until they finally got the situation under control by tranquilizing the large animal behind a church at approximately 11:30 am. These residents were definitely social distancing that Wednesday morning, but for a much larger, nearly truck-sized reason. The moose was carefully released about 25 miles outside of town in the Green Canyon area of Idaho.

Maryland Winery Employs Delivery-Dog for Curbside Pick-Ups

It seems as if this blog is slowly turning into one for our fury friends, this is acceptable for now as a winery in Maryland now has a part-time-pup employed to ensure social distancing is being practiced within their transactions. Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown has been offering curbside pickup in compliance with the government’s orders during this pandemic. The 75-pound brindle boxer named Soda Pup only carries two bottles of wine at a time and is given breaks to ensure he doesn’t get exhausted throughout the day. Lori Yata, Soda Pup’s owner, claims that the “business is trying to keep an optimistic outlook during the coronavirus crisis”, and what better way to do so than bringing on a fury friend to the winery’s team. What a good boy.

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