USA to take on Canada in World Junior Gold Medal Game

The World Juniors has been an awesome event so far. The competition has been fierce and the goal scoring has never stopped. Especially for Team Canada. The Canadian Team scored over 30 goals in their first three games. They’ve got 41 goals in just six games. The Canadian Team is a wagon and the clear favorites.

But even if Canada is the clear favorite it doesn’t mean the United States doesn’t have a chance. The US team has been a scoring wagon themselves this tournament. Although not quite to the degree Canada has been. The United States has only been able to score a measly 34 goals in 6 games, compared to the Canadians 41. Scoring 5.6 goals a game is nothing to scoff at for team USA, but Team Canada has been decimating their opponents.

In the semifinals the Canadians absolutely rolled over the Russians. It was never even a contest. From the first puck drop the Canadians had the advantage. The first goal happened so quick for the Canadians that no one even realized that it had happened. It was 59 seconds in to the game and Newhook shot the puck so hard that it bounced in and out of the net before anyone even realized it.

Newhook returns, NEWHOOK SNIPES! 1-0 for Canada #WorldJuniors — TSN (@TSN_Sports) January 4, 2021

And the Canadians did not stop there. They would go on to win the game 5-0 over Mother Russia. Alex Newhook of the Avalanche scored the game winning goal, while one of the other Avalanche players, Bowen Byram, was named the second best player of the game for Team Canada.


While Team Canada was buys moly whopping Team Russia, Team USA had to battle it out for 3 periods against Team Finland in their World Junior Semifinal game. The pesky Fins hung around the entire game against Team USA. USA held a 2 goal lead for a good portion of the game. Only to let the Fins come back and tie the game with 8 minutes left in the third period at 3-3. And when the game looked like it was destined for over time, Team USA struck.

THIS GAME IS INSANE 🤯 USA TAKES THE LEAD #WorldJuniors — TSN (@TSN_Sports) January 5, 2021

The World Junior Semifinals between Finland and USA was insane. The goals were awesome. The passing was crisp. And it was competitive all the way through. It was a great game for Team USA to win before they most likely get bullied by their brothers up North. Cause even though Team USA looked great against Finland they didn’t look nearly as good as Canada did against Russia.

Although no matter which team wins the World Junior Gold tonight, at least one Avalanche player will win. The Avalanche have four prospects playing in the World Juniors Gold Medal Game tonight. Avalanche prospects Alex Newhook, Bowen Byram, and Justin Barron look to take home gold for Team Canada, while Drew Helleson looks to do the same for Team USA.


My World Junior final prediction? 5-3 Canada. My hometown bias wants to take USA but I just can’t. The talent and depth that Canada has is unmatched. It looks like almost a 1/3 of their players could be NHL level talent this year. Team USA will give Canada it’s best fight of the tournament, but ultimately Canada will still come out on top victorious.

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