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Welcome to the show Seattle Kraken

A legend from the deep awakens. Meet the Seattle Kraken → — Seattle Kraken (@NHLSeattle_) July 23, 2020

What an announcement video. I was half expecting some Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken clips but nope. Just a bunch of dope shots of the city. Lots of ominous fog too. Video straight up does make you feel like a giant sea monster is coming for the city. If this expansion team can be anything like the Vegas Golden Knights then a giant sea monster is coming for the NHL. More teams, more competition, more fun. The NHL is just going to keep getting better.

Also the sweaters they have on the website are phenomenal.

The colors. Dope. That big Kraken S in the middle is awesome. The anchors on the shoulders are also top notch. Overall a grade A jersey. The NFL has perfected the system with 32 teams and soon the NHL will be there as well. Seattle Kraken coming to you in 2021.

#Kraken #NHL #NHLSeattle

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