What mystery would you solve if you could you solve any mystery in the world?

If you could know the truth behind any mystery, which mystery would you choose? — Mike Leach (@Coach_Leach) July 12, 2020

What a great question Mississippi State football Head Coach Mike Leach. There are some really good mysteries out there. We still don’t know who the Zodiac Killer is, it could be Ted Cruz though, we don’t know who killed Jonbenet Ramsey, no clue who Jack the Ripper was. If you want to get all philosophical with the question you could learn the mystery of “are we alone in the universe,” or “what is the meaning of life.” I can answer the first question myself, probably not, an infinitely expanding universe being completely devoid of life outside planet earth seems unlikely. As for the second one, I don’t think you can ever get a straight answer there because it is different for everyone. Before I finally decide which mystery I would solve lets look at all the mysteries that would be cool to solve, but it’s just not quite the mystery I want solved.

Lots of good responses to this question. Knowing the identity of the Zodiac Killer was a very popular response. I do have to admit that would be a very interesting mystery to solve. Several of the murders the Zodiac killer takes credit for could have been another killer. Plus all the cyphers and clues that the Zodiac left for police makes the mystery all the more interesting. For all we know the Zodiac was, or still is, the guy could be alive, a genius. Still not interesting enough for me. There are so many books that theorize who the killer was. Plus the movie with Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal, which isn’t technically accurate, solved the story enough for me, where I’m not going to waste my one solved mystery on the Zodiac.

Solving Jack the Ripper would be pretty cool. That was another response I saw a lot. That mystery has to be in the top five for unsolved murderers. The reason it doesn’t move the ticker at all for me is because what good would knowing the answer be? The Jack the Ripper murders happened in the 1880’s. I may not ever know the answer to who Jack the Ripper is, but I do know one thing, that fucker is definitely dead. Even if I know who Jack the Ripper was I wouldn’t be able to prove that I’m right. Half the fun of knowing the answer to a mystery is being able to prove the answer and solve it. Plus it wouldn’t be a mind blowing mystery solver. Some dude that is dead killed a bunch of people a hundred something years ago. Big whoop. Murder was a lot easier before DNA and all that.

I’m not solving a single murder mystery. We make documentary after documentary about what could have happened to these people. You could make the argument that one of the theories that someone comes up with in the documentary is what actually happened, there just isn’t enough evidence to take it to court, or whatever. No if I’m solving anything its a historical mystery or something that I can profit off. I’ve always been really into the treasure hunting scene. I can thank the Uncharted games for that. The idea of solving the mystery of where a giant treasure is, or a lost city, is the coolest thing in the world. Snippets of history lost to jungles or the ocean or just buried under modern cities is fascinating. Plus a lot of the treasures humanity has lost over the centuries are pretty valuable. Think of how much pirate treasure is out there. We can almost prove Atlantis existed, watch the Atlantis doc on Disney+ it is mind boggling, explains scientifically how Atlantis could have existed and what evidence we have discovered to prove that it could, but it is still an unsolved mystery. Probably lots of treasure in a sunken mythological city. I’d also go down in history as the guy who solved the mystery of Atlantis, pretty important stuff right there. Still there is a chance that Atlantis was a myth created to teach ancient kids not to spite the gods or something. So can’t pick the mystery of Atlantis just in case it isn’t real.

I’m solving the mystery of Alexander the Great. We have no idea where his tomb is, it’s somewhere in Alexandria but the constant building in the city has made it extremely difficult to locate. Alexander created one of the largest Kingdoms in the known world, when he died his tomb was adorned as if he were a god. So there is a tomb of one of the most famous people in history just waiting out there to be discovered. Plus it’s probably filled to the brim with gold, jewels, and historical artifacts. Could you imagine how much that find would be worth to a museum? Millions and millions of dollars, then throw my name in the history books forever. So many mysteries to be solved, aliens, Lock Ness Monster, Big Foot, Shambhala, Atlantis, Libertalia, but none of those would be as historically significant a mystery to solve as the Tomb of Alexander the Great. If I’m solving any mystery I’m solving one that will put me in the history books. Finding a tomb that has been missing for centuries would definitely do that, plus I’d be rich after.

Libertalia, Shambhala, and Atlantis are all tied for second though. Each one of these are mythological cities that very well could be real. Are they still standing just waiting to be seen by some satellite? No. There would be tons of tracking and historical documents to research to find a possible location, then you’d have to start excavating. Finding a mythological city that could be filled with treasure, or the tree of life in Shambhala, would be the coolest treasure hunt in the history of treasure hunts. BBBBUUUUUUT there is very good chance none of these cities are real so I’m solving a mystery that is real. Let me find that tomb and sell off those artifacts.

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