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Whatever the Dan Snyder news is, it’s BAD

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or are completely out of touch with the world of football then you’ve heard about the Washington To-Be-Determines name change and potentially mind blowing scandal. If you haven’t heard, you’re about to.

There is smoke rising from Washington and it looks horrible. Dan Snyder has been accused of gambling against his own team, money laundering, being in Epstein’s little black book, prostitution, and just being a scum bag among other things. The Washington Post, you know the paper Bezos owns, has been teasing that a damning report about the Washington football organization will be released. The report is apparently shocking and highlights how horrible and toxic the organization has been under Snyder’s rule. The article was supposed to be released on Tuesday. Well not it’s Thursday and it still hasn’t been released. The issue is you will see bizarre accusations that might have no traction. Like Snyder is an alien or some shit. You see a story that seems likely, you agree it could be true, you tell some one who tells someone and then it becomes what everyone thinks is the “real” scandal. As of now there are a finite amount of people that know the truth.

Washington Post hasn’t released a thing yet. So no one has any concrete idea on what Dan Snyder did. Perhaps he did nothing and he just didn’t tell anyone that his employees were doing horrible things. Wouldn’t matter to me, you don’t own a business and not know what your employees are doing. Especially an organization that makes as much money as the Washington Whatever-the-Fuck-the-name-is. Even if Snyder didn’t do anything directly, he is responsible for his employees and should be removed from his ownership role. I’ve been saying Snyder should sell the team because he’s a horrible owner and puts a bad football team out there year after year, now he might have to sell the team because he’s just a shitty human being.

We will keep you updated with more developments on how much of an asshole Dan Snyder is. My prediction. Snyder sells the team before the 2020 season to Jeff Bezos or whoever loses out on buying the Mets.

Phil Buckets and myself talked about the R-Words controversy and what it could be on the latest episode of Frosty Talks. Check it out on Apple Podcasts here. Or any where you listen.

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