Will Aaron Rodgers still track down and call first round pick Jordan Love?

If you said at any time over the past month that the Packers would trade up in the first round to draft a quarterback I’d have called you either a liar or a wizard. Pretty much every single NFL analyst said it was a surprising pick. Yet with the 26th overall pick, a pick the Packers had to trade up from the 30th pick for, selected quarterback Jordan Love.

Aaron Rodgers had to be surprised as well. He publicly stated he’d like for the Packers to draft a skill position, and if you’re a Packers fan you’d probably agree with Rodgers that a skill position would make the most sense to draft.

Aaron Rodgers on @PatMcAfeeShow: "We haven't picked a skill player in the first round in 15 years, so that would be kind of cool." Rodgers says whoever the pick is, he'll track down his phone number and welcome him to the team tonight — if the Packers don't trade out. — Matt Schneidman (@mattschneidman) April 24, 2020

So do you still think that Aaron Rodgers will track down the first round pick and talk to his eventual replacement? I’m a betting man so I’d say no, but I have been wrong before. You’d have to imagine Rodgers is a little salty with the front office. If I were him I would be. You’re an elite level quarterback who went 13-3 last year and you were one game away from the Super Bowl. What’s the best way to compete for a Super Bowl now? It’s not to draft a quarterback that won’t start for at least four years that’s for sure. You draft skill position players to help your ultra talented quarterback win games, or you draft a defensive player that will help your defense not give up 200 something yards rushing in a playoff game.

Perhaps Aaron Rodgers will actually be a very good mentor for Jordan Love. However Rodgers has openly stated that he’d like to finish his career as a Packer and would likely need another contract to do so. Rodgers is 36 with 4 years remaining in his contract. Rodgers wanting a skill position shows that he wants to stay and win now for the Packers and the Packers gave him a middle finger by trading up for his replacement.

Will Rodgers demand a trade? Maybe? Will Aaron Rodgers just play a lot better than the fourth or fifth ranked rookie quarterback in this years draft? Easily.

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