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Woody Johnson, New York Jets owner and Ambassador to the UK accused of sexist and racist remarks

The billionaire NFL owner who serves as President Donald Trump’s ambassador to the United Kingdom was investigated by the State Department watchdog after allegations that he made racist and sexist comments to staff and sought to use his government position to benefit the President’s personal business in the UK, multiple sources told CNN. Washington CNN

A lot to unpack in that one little paragraph. First off, if you’re a billionaire NFL owner what the hell are you doing working as an Ambassador to any country. That sounds like so much more work than owning an NFL team and the pay is no where near as good. Like what’s the point of doing that Woody Johnson? You’re rich as fuck! Just sit back and watch the Jets suck year in and year out and collect your BILLIONS and stop messing around in politics. Also why is Woody Johnson the United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Like what’s the goal of that? Move the Jets to London? Make American Football more popular across the pond? Allegedly hyper inflate his and Trump’s businesses in shady racist sexist back room deals so they can be even more rich? Woody Johnson being a political ambassador just makes no sense. If we’re trying to bring American Football to Europe there are a lot better people to send over to make that happen. Like Gronk. He would be a great American Football Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Except Woody Johnson, a man that can’t get a football team to win just 7 games a year consistently, is the government ambassador to the United Kingdom not some American Football Ambassador. He’s over there trying to discuss policies that actually affect our lives. I don’t trust him running a football team let alone keeping diplomacy between two entire countries.

Who knows what happens with Woody Johnson. The Washington Post published a hit piece on the culture inside the Washington football team and it was much worse than this. Dan Snyder hasn’t been asked to sell the team. I’m not really sure he will be asked so why would Woody Johnson be asked to sell the Jets cause of this. Dan Snyder hasn’t had to sell the team after what came to light, but he’s a dick so he probably won’t ever sell. This report isn’t as bad as the Snyder Report. Yet Woody Johnson has been using political power for monetary gain. That’s shady and illegal, right? Plus most of these allegations came from the staff he held while working as ambassador to the United Kingdom, not from employees with the New York Jets. Don’t get your hopes up for new ownership Jet’s fans. If Dan Snyder doesn’t have to sell than no one does.


We need the RIGHT people at the top. Wrong is wrong! — Jamal Adams (@Prez) July 22, 2020

Jamal Adams isn’t going to play for the Jets much longer. Whether by his own choice, cause he’s wanted out for a while, or by the owners choice after Adams publicly calls out Woody Johnson.

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