Would be a real shame if the Rockies fired Jeff Bridich and sided with 3X Golden Glove winner Nolan

A real shame. Taking the easy way out in the Nolan Arenado, Jeff Bridich debacle and siding with the three time golden glove winner and potential hall of fame third baseman Arenado and firing Jeff Bridich would be such a shame. Jeff Bridich has done so much for the Rockies. Look at all the good things he’s brought to the team. He was the director of baseball operations for their World Series appearance. I believe that’s it. Could be wrong but I know he hasn’t done a damn thing to improve the Colorado Rockies for the upcoming season.

Now maybe I’m wrong and he did improve the team, but I don’t think I’m wrong in saying signing zero MLB free agents to a contract all offseason is a bad look for a GM. Especially when the team went 71-91 last season and the owner predicted a 94 win season. Where the fuck are those wins coming from Monfort? Explain to me how a team that added zero new players and pissed off the best third basemen in baseball so much that whether or not he’ll be on the team has come into question wins 23 more games in a year?

Long story short they don’t. Rockies are predicted to be in the bottom four teams of the entire league this upcoming season. The Colorado Rockies may use that purple mountain majesty for their logo but they are far from a majestic franchise. The Rockies have a losing record in its 25 years of existence to the tune of a winning percentage of .471%. That winning percentage overall makes the one World Series appearance from the Rockies back in 07’ look like a fluke. Shit it might have been considering the Rockies got smoked by the Red Sox in every game of a 4-0 sweep and haven’t made it to the World Series since. How I’ve continued to be a fan of the franchise astounds me. I, like all fans, like rooting for winning teams and the Rockies are not a winning team this year, the year before, and for most of their existence. The lack of winning probably starts a little higher up than Jeff Bridich but I’ve decided I have a bone to pick with Bridich so I’m gonna do it.

Shouldn’t be hard to guess why Rockies fans aren’t too happy with Jeff Bridich. In case you don’t know it’s because he pissed of Nolan Arenado to such a degree that most fans were convinced he was going to demand a trade. I was ready to watch him leave. The guy is awesome at baseball and all he wants to do is win and he isn’t doing that under Jeff Bridich. Since Jeff Bridich toon over in 2014 the Rockies have a record of 458-515 with two, JUST TWO, winning seasons. Those seasons came back to back in 17’-18’ and they both ended in the wild card round of the playoffs. That is a horrible track record. So when it comes to who I’m siding with on the Arenado vs Bridich debacle I’m taking Arenado all the way. Keep the potential hall of fame third basemen and fire the moron GM. Moron GM’s are a dime a dozen, just ask the Cleveland Browns, but a hall of fame third basemen doesn’t come around often. Considering the Rockies only have one hall of fame player in 25 years they might want to keep the one they have right now. Just a thought. #FireJeffBridich

Maybe I’m not the best guy to be leading the #FireJeffBridich chants. There has to be a more passionate Rockies fan than I that wants Bridich fired as much as I do, that has a lot more knowledge about how much of a moron Jeff Bridich is, but I haven’t met them and I haven’t seen enough #FireJeffBridich so I’m going to start screaming it from the rooftops. Only way I’ll support keeping Bridich is if every Rockies fan gets a free beer for every loss the Rockies suffer this season. Only then will I be mind numbingly drunk enough to suffer through another Rockies season under the management of Jeff Bridich. #FireJeffBridich

Good news though. Nolan Arenado expects to be with the Rockies when the first game of the season comes around.

Dylan Ryan @DrFrostyTalks

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