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You’ve got to see this hole-in-one from Jon Rahm at Augusta

The Masters doesn’t actually start until Thursday, but this hole-in-one from Jon Rahm is a must watch. It is such a wild shot that I almost don’t even think it’s real.

His second in two days, Jon Rahm skips his way to a hole-in-one at No. 16 – on his birthday, no less. #themasters — The Masters (@TheMasters) November 10, 2020

That shot is absolutely mind boggling. It’s hard enough to hit a ball up in the air and get it to go in the hole. To get a hole-in-one skipping the ball across the lake like a damn skipping stone is just showing off. I’m happy to get the ball up in the air on a consistent basis. This guy can skip a ball across the pond like its a skipping stone and still keep it on target enough to hit the green. Then when it hits the green the ball rolls across what looks like the entire green right into the one place it belongs. Right in the hole. And this is Rahm’s second hole-in-Two hole-in-ones in two days is phenomenal. Most golfers go their entire lives without getting one. This dick head can get a hole-in-one skipping the ball across a lake. What a show off.

You know Rahm is trying to show off here. There is no reason for him to try and skip this ball across the lake and on to the green. It would be so much easier for Rahm to just hit this ball in the air and have it plop onto the green, but no. He goes with the skip the ball across the lake and onto the green method. He’s either showing off, having fun with his practice round, or he shanked this ball in the most perfect way possible. And I don’t think he shanked that ball at all. He swings that club like a batter in baseball trying to hit a line drive. Rahm wanted to skip this ball across the lake.

It’s too bad this shot won’t count in the Masters. The tournament starts this Thursday and Rahm’s skipping stone hole-in-one comes during a practice round. Practice round or not this is a really sweet shot. One I wish I could make, even if it’s on accident.

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