You want to change team names cause the team sucks now?

I think YOU should change YOUR name because YOU suck. boom roasted. — Jared Carrabis (@Jared_Carrabis) July 6, 2020

“You can keep pushing and pushing, I think the Boston Red Sox should change their name cause, well, they suck.”

Absolutely no one, and I mean no one, is asking the Washington R-Words to change their name because they suck. They do suck but that’s not the reason for a name change. Also didn’t the Red Sox win a World Series just seven years ago? Oh wait. It was just two years ago. 2018. A simpler time. Took two seconds for me to google when the Red Sox last won a championship. They’ve won four World Series in sixteen years. I’m not even a Red Sox fan, or a baseball fan and I can admit this is a stupid thing to say. “The Red Sox should change the name because they suck.” I can list five teams off the top of my head that should change the name based solely off the fact that they suck and not cause the name is pretty problematic.

The Arizona Cardinals. How can you be a franchise for as long as the Cardinals have been and not have a Super Bowl. Name change.

The Colorado Rockies. 25 years of existence and one World Series loss to show for it. Plus any time the team sniffs the playoffs the team calls it Rocktober. Rocktober died when the Red Sox swept the Rockies in 2007. Name change.

The Browns. This one is low hanging fruit. Change the name. Y’all are trash.

The Baltimore Orioles. I don’t know much about baseball. But I know they stink.

The Dallas Cowboys. Keep calling yourself Americans team when you haven’t won a Super Bowl since the 90’s. Y’all suck change the name.

These are jokes. No one wants name changes because the team is bad. I’m a Colorado Rockies fan, a miserable one, but a fan. The only reason teams change names is because the team is moving locations. E.I. The Nordiques becoming the Avalanche when they moved to Colorado, team names change for other reasons too, but location change is probably the biggest reason. Lots of teams have changed names. The Tennessee Titans used to be the Tennessee Oilers. Why does it have to be a debate on a name change for a divisive name like the one Washington has? Change the name. Make Nike print a shit load of merchandise and sell it all to your old fans who need new hats and jerseys and t shirts and golf towels. Seriously, changing the Washington team name should just be printing money in the form of merchandise sales.

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